Join CBW and Mônica Carnesi on
February 22, 2022 at 6:30pm for a
Launch Party and Bedtime Story
Celebrating There’s a Lion in the Forest!
by Mônica Carnesi

Books can be signed and personalized!

Mônica Carnesi will be joining us to celebrate her book There’s a Lion in the Forest! with a Virtual Launch Party and bedtime story!

The first 40 pre-orders will receive a free set of buttons featuring the animals from the book! Order today!

Books will be ready for pickup or shipped on February 25, 2022.

The event will be available on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook page. Use the links below to join in!

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About There’s a Lion in the Forest!

Everyone knows there are no lions in the forests of South America . . . or are there?

Toucan heard it first.
It was deep. It was growly. It was a deep, growly growl.
And that can mean only one thing: THERE’S A LION IN THE FOREST!

But how can that be? Everyone knows that lions don’t live in tropical forests. But the growls keep coming—and now even Capybara and Coati are anxious, especially when they get a glimpse through the trees of a long, terrifying tail and a thick, menacing mane. . .

“The story is fast-paced and funny, humorously focusing on the (correct) assessment that lions simply don’t roam South America. Pleasing alliteration (“growly growls,” “terrifying tails”) and repeating phrases make for a lively read-aloud. Accompanying illustrations are cartoonish and colorful, capturing an impressive range of emotions. Back matter introduces the range of unusual forest critters in more detail, along with a call for conservation. A merry mystery for a boisterous bedtime read.”


“Fun and informational at the same time, this has a solid message for the intended audience: Take the time to gather all the evidence before leaping to conclusions. This title would be welcome in most libraries for the diversity of animals and setting that it features.”

School Library Journal