Just Right Book Recommendations

Our JRBR will allow us to offer you what you love best about Children’s Book World: our knowledge of books and our personal suggestions for the people you shop for.

Answer a few questions and our CBW team will create a custom list of “Just Right” suggestions for that special person! Select from the age groups below:

Once we receive your form we’ll begin creating your unique book list and we’ll email you in 24 – 48 hours with a link to your list. When you receive the link you’ll have two choices. You can order directly from our page on Bookshop.org or you can email or call the store to tell us which titles you’d like. We encourage you to buy the books directly from the store where we are able to wrap, include a personalized note, and quickly ship the chosen books for you.

Thank you for your amazing support of our Just Right Book Recommendations program. We are overjoyed that it has helped so many of you get the books you and your family want right now. Your support has meant everything to us and we are humbled and grateful for your loyalty. We’ve also noticed that you’re spreading the word to friends and family locally and all over the United States. You’re helping to keep Children’s Book World strong.

Thank you!

We love hearing from you and learning how this program is helping you in this challenging time. Thank you for reaching out to us and renewing our spirits.

Here are just some of the messages you’ve sent us.

“Thank you so much for these carefully curated lists. We just placed our order based on your recommendations and my kids are very excited to have some new books to try…all of your recommendations were spot on for both kids! We’ll be back again to order more once they read their way through these. Thanks again for all you do!”

“This email is just to thank [you] for the great and (as always) spot-on recommendations of books for my kids. The books arrived yesterday (each picked 3-5 books) . . . the kids are loving them!”

“These recommendations were incredible! We nearly bought the entire list! :)”

“Thank you SO very much! The selection was amazing! We got almost all of them! Thank you for putting that together for us!!!”

“I am delighted to be able to support Children’s Book World through Bookshop and will definitely get back to you when it’s time to order more.”

“Thank you for all these great book recommendations! There’s a lot on here I hadn’t heard of — [my kids] are going to be so psyched. They’ve been devouring books and it will be great to have more options! Thank you! Thank you! I’m about to place my order!”

“Thank you! This is such a wonderful service.”

“So grateful for your bookshop and was eager to support.”

“I just placed an order and really appreciate the book list service you provide!”

We hope you’ll return and fill in another form so that we can help you again! When you do, be sure to write in the “What else should we know” section that you have ordered before for the same person.
We’ll refer back to our original list and give you new suggestions!