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Written by Katrina Moore
Illustrated by Xindi Yan

We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year and the new book Grumpy New Year on Saturday, January 21st at 1PM.  Meet author Katrina Moore and Illustrator Xindi Yan at CBW and help us celebrate!

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About Katrina Moore

Katrina Moore writes and teaches in a part of New Jersey just outside Philadelphia. She has also taught in Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York after earning an MA in elementary education. Her mission is to create books that children will hug for ages, like One HugGrandpa Grumps, and the Teeny Houdini series. When not teaching elementary school kids or writing, she’s cooking without a recipe, painting outside the lines, or snuggling up with her two kids, husband, Pomapoo pup, and of course, a cozy book. Find out more about Katrina at

About Xindi Yan

Xindi left behind a small city in China to realize her dream of being a published artist. She has traveled thousands of miles to study, live and work in New York. Xindi received her BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute in 2013 and has since worked as an illustrator for the gaming industry and children’s media.

Katrina Moore
Xindi Yan

About Grumpy New Year

This funny and heartwarming follow-up to Grandpa Grumps celebrates Lunar New Year and the love of a doting grandparent.

“You should sleep on the long flight,” said Mama.
Daisy should have slept —
but she didn’t.
She was too excited to see Yeh-Yeh!

Daisy is traveling to China, and she’s excited to see her Yeh-Yeh again! She has big plans for all the fun they’ll have together in preparation for Lunar New Year, like flying kites and making jiao zi. But when she arrives, she has trouble sleeping and is less jolly than she hoped. Throughout the week, Yeh-Yeh tries all sorts of things to help her have a fun holiday and get her past her grumpiness. Will Daisy be able to get some rest and have one perfect day before she goes home?

“Moore structures her story as a 10-day countdown, and Daisy’s big, conflicting feelings are entirely relatable. The holiday preparations and celebrations come to life in Yan’s illustrations, which integrate humor and cultural details. Appended recipes truly make this a treat.” — Booklist

Books will be shipped or ready for pick-up on January 22, 2023