Personalized Window Shopping Just for You!

Children’s Book World is trying something fun and unique: We are creating personalized window displays by appointment for our customers. We will fill our front window with books that are specially chosen, just for you. This display can be for an individual child, teen, adult — or your whole family.

Sound fun, exciting, interesting? Let’s get started!

  1. Call the store to arrange your personalized Window Shopping Experience. We will ask some questions and use the answers you provide to create a special window display just for you.
  2. Personalized Window Shopping Appointments are available in half hour increments on a first-come first-served basis.
  3. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time — your very own window display will be ready and waiting for you! We will also have a check out/information station at the front door to help you and to answer any questions.
  4. You and your shoppers can window shop our suggestions and make your selections. If you’d like to look at a book up close, we’ll provide hand sanitizer and pass the book to you outside so you can take a good look before you decide.
  5. Ready to check out? For all of our safety, the person who will be directly interacting with our store staff (talking to us and paying) MUST be wearing a mask — just as all our staff will be! We will take your payment in cash, credit card or gift card right at the door.

Be assured that while we create your window displays and fill curbside and shipping orders we closely follow the CDC guidelines to keep our store clean and the people in it safe and healthy.