Author Visits

We can arrange an author visit for any school, library, or organization that is purchasing books for the event through our store. There are two types of author visits; Complimentary Visits and Honorarium Visits.

Complimentary Visits

  • These are free visits that Children’s Book World arranges in conjunction with publishers when an author is on tour. Although these visits are free, the publishers are now requiring minimum book purchases on complimentary visits.
  • If you are interested in hosting a free visit, please contact Laurel O’Connor at so we can add your school’s information to our list.
  • A percentage of sales will be given to the school for in-store credit.

Honorarium Visits

  • These are author visits where the school pays an author to visit their school.
  • We are happy to assist in choosing an author for your school. We can also contact an author that you are interested in.
  • Schools are given a percentage on all books sold for the visit.

School preparation is essential! It is necessary for students to be familiar with the author’s work for a successful visit.

Please contact Laurel O’Connor at