Book Talks

What is a book talk?

A member of our staff will speak about a selection of our favorite titles in a fun and informative presentation.

What books will be talked about? Can you meet our specific needs?

Many groups choose to hear about the newest picture or chapter books, and each book talk is individualized to meet your specific needs.

What ages are book talks available for?

We are happy to book talk to grades K-12. Book talks are also available for teachers, libraries, and parenting groups.

Where are book talks held?

Talks can be presented at your school as part of your book fair. For large audiences, a Power-Point-ready room may be necessary.

What is the fee for a book talk?

There is no fee. However, the book talk books must be made available to your students or organization to purchase through our store.

How are the books priced?

The books can be discounted to your students/audience or you may offer them at full price and keep a percentage of the proceeds for your organization.

Is there a minimum or maximum audience size?

While there is no maximum, there are minimum requirements. Please contact us for further details.

Please contact Heather Hebert, at