CBW Summer Reading Programs

No matter how you create and share your summer reading lists with families, whether required or recommended, we ask that you share the lists with CBW so that we can stock the titles and help the families who shop with us.

BUT, before you share REQUIRED READING lists with families, let us check to see that the books on your lists are readily available from the publishers. Many times customers come in asking for books on required school reading lists and we have to tell them that the titles are out of print.

Option 1: CBW’s Summer Reading Lists

We’re creating summer reading lists for 2023 that we’d love to share with you. If you want to make use of these lists we will send you a link to share with your families. Once the families have made their purchases and the books are in the store, we’ll let you know and you can pick up and distribute the books while earning 20% of the sales for your school.
If you have specific titles that students in a grade are required to read we will gladly add those titles to our lists.

Option 2: Your Summer Reading Lists

You create your own summer reading lists and gather the orders from your families. Send us the total orders for each title and we’ll get them in the store for you to pick up and distribute. Again, you earn 20% of the money for your school.

Contact us at info@childrensbookworld.net for more details.