Big Nate TV Series 2: Prank You Very Much-Lincoln Peirce (CBW)


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This dynamic graphic novel is based on the Big Nate animated series on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon, featuring storylines from animated shorts and full-length episodes. Starring Nate, Francis, Dee Dee, Teddy, and friends, these hilarious escapades will thrill longtime Big Nate fans as well as new readers. It’s Big Nate like you’ve never seen him before!

When it comes to making mischief, Nate Wright’s in a class by himself. Whether he’s pranking his sister with fluorescent toothpaste or giving the school yearbook an unauthorized glow-up, Nate’s genius for trickery always earns straight A’s.

Combining the animated series’s full-color artwork with the hand-drawn illustrations  so familiar to fans of Big Nate comics, Prank You Very Much packs a serious comic punch!