Trouble Finds Plum!-Matt Phelan
(South Hanover)


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When raccoons invade the Athensville Zoo, it’s up to Plum and his friends to save their beloved home. From award-winning author-artist Matt Phelan, creator of Knights vs. Dinosaurs and its two sequels, Trouble Finds Plum! is the third book about a young peacock whose adventures are funny, hopeful, and always kindhearted. A hilarious, highly illustrated novel perfect for reluctant readers and animal lovers everywhere. 

When Plum the peacock stumbles across a raccoon asking for help finding food on a gloomy day at the zoo, he is delighted to assist his new friend. But Scratch the raccoon doesn’t stop there. More and more of Scratch’s friends arrive, and soon the zoo is overrun by rowdy and rude raccoons. Though trouble might have found Plum, Plum has a plan to save the Athensville Zoo—and make a few new friends at the same time. Hardcover.

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