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Ezra Exposed
Amy E. Feldman

Amy E. Feldman is a practicing attorney and syndicated legal commentator heard daily on radio stations across the country. She has appeared on CNN, Today Show Weekend, and Fox Sports, in addition to frequent appearances on local Philadelphia-area television stations. Amy has been a curriculum contributor and blogger for the National Constitution Center, focusing on the intersection of technology and children’s rights. She also created programming for middle schools designed to teach students about their rights and responsibilities concerning technology.

About Ezra Exposed

Ezra’s droll first-person narration, desire to be liked, and evolving maturity deftly render this a humorous and self-reflective tale.

Publishers Weekly

It started as a joke–but it’s not funny anymore.

Even though Ezra’s got good friends and can make everyone laugh, he feels like he’s invisible, both at home and at school. To make things worse, he’s the only kid in his group without a phone–left out of plans and shared jokes and games. Finally, at the end of fifth grade, his parents come through.

The phone changes everything. Ezra texts his friends all the time, can instantly keep up with his favorite teams, and boredom is a memory. Best of all, the funny pictures he’s posting on social media are getting a lot of attention. Other kids–including the popular kids–are noticing him for the first time.

Then he takes a photo that pushes things over the edge, and suddenly he’s in the principal’s office with his parents …

Amy Feldman’s debut is smart, laugh-out-loud funny, fast-moving — a great read that also takes on the very serious subject of kids and phone use. Middle-grade readers will recognize Ezra as one of their own, and the author’s light touch allows her to address an issue parents might not recognize, but kids need to be aware of. Ezra Exposed is just right for fans of Gordon Korman, Tom Angleberger, and Rebecca Stead.