Clown in a Cornfield #2: Frendo Lives-Adam Cesare (Autographed Books)


After barely making it out of the Kettle Springs cornfields alive, Quinn’s first year away at college should be safe and easy. All she wants is to be normal again.

But instead, Quinn finds that her past won’t leave her alone when she becomes the focus of online conspiracy theories that claim the Kettle Springs Massacre never happened. It’s a deranged but relentless fantasy, and there’s nothing Quinn can do to get people to hear the truth — not even on her own campus or in her own dorm room.

When a murderous clown attacks Quinn at a fraternity party at the same time that another goes after her father in Kettle Springs, Quinn realizes that the facts alone are never going to save her. Her only option is to go back into the cornfields, back where the nightmare began, to set the record straight the only way she knows how. Because when the truth gets lost in the lies, that’s when people start to die.

“Clown in a Cornfield” was 2020’s Bram Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel. “Clown in a Cornfield 2: Frendo Lives” is perfectly set to attract old and new fans to the series.