Mighty Mara (Hardcover)-Carina Ho (Baldwin)


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Welcome to Sametown where everyone and everything is…well…the same. Except Mara! She’s a little different. She’s bright. She’s sunny. And, unlike her classmates who are all planning on performing a similar magic show act at the school talent show, she is going to dance, dance, dance! One problem: everyone in Sametown — her classmates, her teacher – all think she shouldn’t do it. And it’s not just (it seems) because dancing isn’t the status quo in Sametown…It’s because they just don’t believe in Mara. Mara won’t let their dissuading and even their heckling rock her spirit, though. She’s Mighty Mara, and she’s about to shake some new life into her muted town, in the most surprising and beautiful of ways. Co-written with Jesse Byrd.